When choosing horticultural glass, it can be difficult between float and diffuse glass. The diffuse glass scatters the light so that it penetrates deeper into the crop. As a result, a larger leaf area is lighted and able to absorb more CO2 and process this into assimilates for growth, production and quality. Yet there are many good reasons to think deeply about the choice of glass. Van Looveren now offers the intermediate solution, offering many advantages. Van Looveren has named their new glass TerraSol Zero Haze. This glass has a haze of 5% and so it is only 5% diffuse. Toon Thys, Van Looveren: "With these values, the grower who hasn't decided between float glass and diffuse glass runs less risk. He opts for the advantages and omits the disadvantages."

Dutch growers do agree on diffuse light, which works positively. Toon: "Approximately 80% of the growers now opt for diffuse glass." The extra yield is worth the investment. "Dutch horticulture is ahead when it comes to new technology. I am convinced that the rest of the world will soon follow. Diffuse glass is already being used worldwide. I do not doubt the future of diffuse glass."

Toon regularly receives questions about pollution of the glass. With diffuse glass, dirt can get caught in the structure of the glass. Toon Thys: "TerraSol Zero Haze is almost smooth. Pollution is actually not an issue. The window washer can easily remove this."

Is light lost due to the limited diffusivity? Toon: "No, certainly not. That is precisely the reason why TerraSol Zero Haze is just 5% diffuse. As I said before: with this glass you only benefit from the advantages."

Production method
TerraSol Zero Haze is produced in a different way than the well-known float low iron glass and is an excellent alternative. The float low iron glass is limitedly available in Europe and is expensive glass. Previously, this glass was mainly produced in China. This is no longer lucrative due to the European anti-dumping tax. Toon: "You pay up to 75% on top of the sales price because of this tax. It is understandable that people opt out and look for alternatives such as TerraSol Zero Haze."

The base glass of TerraSol Zero Haze is figure glass. The advantage is that it is cheaper to produce. Van Looveren has the product manufactured in Ukraine by the German company Marvol Trading GmbH.

With the arrival of TerraSol Zero Haze, Van Looveren's assortment of diffuse glass is complete. Low Haze, Medium Haze and High Haze already were part of the TerraSol range. For Zero Haze, Toon sees a future in Western and Northern Europe where a lower Haze factor is required to ensure that crops achieve optimum performance. Van Looveren already received a first order for TerraSol Zero Haze for a project in the Netherlands.

As with TerraSol Low Haze, Medium Haze and High Haze, an Anti-Reflection (AR) coating can also be applied to TerraSol Zero Haze (1-sided AR or 2-sided AR) to further increase the light transmission.

Finally: TerraSol Zero Haze is available in both 4 mm and 5 mm thickness. The 5 mm glass is used for frameless air windows.

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