Nufarm announced that Dr Bruce Goodfellow will not seek re-election as a Director at the company’s 2018 AGM, to be held on 6 December, and will retire as a Director following the conclusion of that meeting.

Dr Goodfellow joined the Board representing the holders of the then ‘C’ shares in 1991. Following the conversion of the ‘C’ shares into ordinary shares, he was elected a Director in 1999.

Nufarm’s Chairman, Donald McGauchie, noted the Goodfellow family has been a significant shareholder in the company for many decades and Dr Goodfellow’s retirement will mark the end of almost 60 years of Goodfellow family involvement as Directors of the company.

“For 29 years, Bruce has provided great service to Nufarm as a Director and the company is grateful for his outstanding contribution” Mr McGauchie said.

Mr McGauchie noted that Dr Goodfellow will continue to serve the Group in his role of Chairman of Nufarm Finance (NZ) Limited, which is listed on both the ASX and NZX and which is the issuer of Nufarm’s Step-Up Securities.

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