As the tight supply of vegetables continues to improve, the weighted average price of vegetable wholesale in the Xinfadi market has declined to some extent. At present, the weighted average price of vegetables in Xinfadi market is 2.17 yuan / kg, down 3.56% from 2.25 yuan / kg on October 12.

According to Liutong from the statistics department of Xinfadi Market, the tight supply situation of vegetables has continued to improve recently. Autumn vegetables in Beijing and surrounding areas are entering the peak listing period; the vegetables grown in Shandong in summer are affected by high temperature and heavy rainfall. In the near future, some vegetables have entered the harvest period or are about to enter the harvest period. The expectation that the price of vegetables will continue to rise no longer exists and the amount of vegetables on the market has increased significantly. The price of some vegetables has dropped sharply and the price of most vegetables gradually returned to the level of the same period of last year, except for few individual types of vegetable.

Recently, only the prices of tomatoes and peppers have been high, and there will be no significant decline for the time being. However, with the large-scale listing of vegetables in the subsequent producing areas, the prices of these two kinds of vegetables will also drop. The price of tomatoes may fall before the end of the month. According to the feedback from the subsequent production areas, the supply situation of vegetables in this winter and next spring will be better than that of last year.

Source: Beijing Evening News