In the latest harvest of this appreciated pink tomato, the total volume reached 120,000 kilos. This production was mainly intended for the regional market, especially for its sale in gourmet stores. The prospects for the second annual campaign that is now starting are also good, both in terms of volume and, of course, quality.

The Prisco pink tomatoes of Híjar, characterized by their great flavor and texture and cultivated in the province of Teruel, draw the attention of the customers visiting the best national markets, but they are also appreciated by some great Spanish chefs, like the Torres brothers. They have praised the properties of this magnificent tomato and its versatility in the kitchen.

Prisco tomatoes are grown in 11,000 square meters of greenhouses, where the temperature is always the same. This allows for an optimal ripening of the product. This pink tomato is fleshy, irregular and with a particularly fine and delicate skin. At its base we find a star shape that gives clues about its ripeness. Its weight is also an aspect to consider, since some reach between 800 grams and 1 kg.

Híjar's 30,000 tomato plants are cultivated with advanced hydroponic farming systems. Also, the pollination of the tomato plants is carried out in a 100% natural manner, using bumblebees in the greenhouses. Besides, biological control of pests is in place, making it possible to replace pesticides with useful insects.

Prisco, a company devoted to tomatoes
Prisco is a tomato brand founded ten years ago by local entrepreneur Sergio Gómez, who currently harvests about 3,000 kilos of tomatoes a day and enjoys a remarkable reputation in the gourmet market.

The excellent climate of Híjar and the irrigation with the waters of the Martín river are determining factors that allow pink Prisco tomatoes to be produced during almost 10 months of the year.


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