A.M.A. announces the arrival of TerraVesco Vermicompost at their warehouse. Coincidentally, this product has just been OMRI Listed for organic agriculture in Canada.

TerraVesco Vermicompost has been produced for more than twenty years in Sonoma, CA. The primary input is organic dairy manure, which is pre-composted to eliminate weed seeds and harmful pathogens, then fed to millions of red wiggler worms.

For best results, place directly in contact with the roots of the plants during the planting process. Incorporating TerraVesco Vermicompost results in enhanced root mass, increased stem calipers, increased nutrient uptake and more resilient plants.


  • Can be used in combination with current planting practices
  • Inoculates the root zone with large and diverse microbial communities
  • Can be used to re-condition soil between planting seasons

A.M.A. worked with TerraVesco for about three years to meet regulatory requirements and obtain import permits. The Canadian company worked with TerraVesco in California, producing Ellepots by A.M.A. for tree propagators.

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