A new Business Unit has now been added to the Cefla Group: out of the experience and evolution of C-LED comes Cefla Lighting.

With this fifth Business Unit, the Group consolidates know-how matured in recent years in the hi-tech lighting industry and strengthens its position in the lighting and wireless connectivity sectors.

That strengthening also stems from the acquisition of a controlling share in Lucifero’s, a company with long-standing expertise in providing archi-tech lighting solutions that are technologically advanced in terms of both materials and finishing.

The company’s know-how in the contract and retail design sectors will also allow smooth interaction with other Cefla Business Units, helping to merge different skills.

The Lighting Business Unit will thus be able to supply support, teamwork and experience to all Cefla Plants Solutions and Cefla Shopfitting’s Retail Design projects.

Cefla Lighting will also be manufacturing LED modules, customised in terms of size and optics, colour temperature and chromatic yield. These are used in a variety of fields: from the horticulture (greenhouse and indoor) and retail (fresh and refrigerated products) markets to the contract, medical (where high-tech instrumentation demands outstanding quality), outdoor and industrial fields.

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