Plantible Foods, creators of an allergen-free protein derived from lemna, has completed a pre-seed funding round led by Unshackled Ventures, an early stage fund for immigrant-founded startups based out of Silicon Valley. The amount was not disclosed.

With the investment, Plantible Foods will finalize its proprietary extraction technology and work with leading food scientists on the commercialization of its ingredients.

"The global population is growing while we have fewer natural resources to produce enough food," says Tony Martens, co-founder of Plantible Foods. "We have created the world's most sustainable, applicable and simply best plant-based protein that can help feed the world, while not destroying the planet in the process. Unshackled Ventures brings our vision a step closer."

"Plantible Foods is not only a high-protein alternative to traditional sources, but it's also good for the environment," says Manan Mehta, general partner of Unshackled Ventures. "It's incredible what the founding team has been able to do on non-arable land with a fraction of the water requirement as compared to alternative plant-based proteins. We are excited to add another socially and economically conscious investment in our portfolio. We look to help them succeed faster in the U.S."

Plantible's protein is white and has a neutral taste profile while being completely odorless. In addition, the ingredient is allergen-free and holds similar functionalities as egg whites (e.g. foaming, gelation and emulsifying).

Plantible Foods is months away from opening its first commercial pilot facility.

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