Sugarmade signed a binding Letter of Intent to acquire Sky Unlimited, a California-based supplier of cannabis cultivation materials to wholesalers and large commercial cannabis cultivators.

Sugarmade's revenue within the cannabis cultivation supply sector is primarily derived from online sales, whereas Sky Unlimited's revenues are mainly generated via direct sales to wholesalers and large commercial cultivation companies.

"The trend in cannabis cultivation is toward the larger commercial cultivation operations, and Sky Unlimited is in the thick of that dynamic marketplace," commented Jimmy Chan, CEO of Sugarmade. "This year, Sky Unlimited and its associated operations are expected to produce in excess of $40 million in revenues with profitability and positive cash flow. This new revenue stream combined with our recently upwardly guided revenue forecast of $30 million for next year will make Sugarmade one of the largest publicly traded suppliers to the booming cannabis cultivation marketplace, with a combined revenue forecast for next year in excess of $70 million."

Sugarmade's market strategy is to cover three major areas supplies for cannabis cultivation: 1) online and e-commerce; 2) the wholesale market, which services brick and mortar retailers; and 3) large-scale commercial cultivation operations.

"As a result of successfully acquiring Sky Unlimited, we anticipate revenue and growth exposure to all three of these sectors, while gaining strong cost and operational synergies. We are currently in process of additional discussions to further expand our growth goals via other acquisitions in this fast-growing market sector," stated Chan.

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