Chris Wada, Marketing Manager for North Shore Living said, “Put simply, the products we grow, pack & ship are truly unique because everything we deliver is quite literally still living with the roots connected for freshness. This means any changes – to packaging, for example – challenge us to create something entirely new. We believe this patent-pending Root Lock Technology helps illustrate that what we do is 100% rooted in providing every customer the freshest herbs and microgreens.”

For context, North Shore Living® Herbs + Greens are grown in an organic growing medium, similar to peat moss, creating a “root ball” that locks in the herbs’ freshness. The company said that since the late 90’s, they have spent years refining their 10+ acres of proprietary hydroponic greenhouse systems to achieve 3x longer shelf life than cut herbs.

Chris comments, “While being original is important to us, listening to customer feedback is critical to any future success we hope to achieve. That is why we are quite pleased that this latest packaging innovation – developed exclusively for our clamshell line of fresh herbs, checks both of those boxes.”

As the company behind 'The Original Living Herbs®', they find satisfaction from inventing customer-centric solutions. That’s why this year at PMA Fresh Summit they are excited to add the all new Root Lock™ Technology to their existing clamshell line of Mini Greenhouse™ packaging.

This is what the company says are the benefits of Root Lock™

* Eliminates potential for loose debris in package - Separate compartments for plant and roots

* Enclosed roots are held secure in-transit - Limits damage during shipping by air or truck

* Root compartment doubles as watering cavity - Convenient solution for consumers

* Improved merchandising for retailers - All plants are perfectly positioned to highlight the roots

The new patent-pending clamshell design will be applied to all 3 of their clamshell sizes currently offered, starting with the regular clamshell towards the end of next month. For existing customers, there are no changes required, the new packaging fits in all existing merchandising displays.

To learn more, check it out in the New Product Showcase or visit them at PMA booth 4163 (where they are handing out ice cream popsicles made with their living herbs and drizzled with dark chocolate).

For more information:
Chris Wada
North Shore Living
Tel: +1 (760) 397-3110 x410