HortiFlor Zimbabwe was held last week, from October 9-11 in the capital Harare. It attracted international as well as national attention. Several Zimbabwean broadcasters were present to eagerly promote the horticultural potential of the country.

In a excerpt from ZBC News, for example, host Rodrick Mashingaidze interviews organizer Dick van Raamsdock of HPP Exhibition and several exhibitors, including rose grower Luxaflor Roses and rose breeder Meilland. They all see the potential of the country to become one of Africa's largest horticultural exporters again and the HortiFlor is contributing to achieving this goal. 

Aart van Nugteren from Luxaflor Roses grows roses on 9.5 hectare in Concession, Zimbabwe. "Everyone that is important, is here at HortiFlor." 

Want to get a better impression of the show and the exhibitors? Click here for the photos from last week, made by Jasper van Dijk of HPP Exhibitions, the organization behind the show.

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