An organized greenhouse production zone will be set up in Adana (Turkey) to increase greenhouse production in the area. The Adana Chamber of Commerce is coordinating all the efforts to establish this zone which will increase productivity per square meter.

Adana is one of the main agricultural production cities in Turkey with 450,000 hectares of production area and only 20,000 hectares of this area are used for greenhouse production. The project to set up a greenhouse zone in an area of 280 hectares in the Karatas district has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The current timeline indicates that greenhouses will be operating at the end of 2019. Project plans indicate that the main products to grow in these greenhouses will be strawberry, tomato, cucumber, banana and various cut flowers. These products will be grown with the aim of exporting to Europe and to countries in the Middle East.

A lot of different growers would like to participate in the project and so far 400 local and foreign growers have filed applications. The area is also estimated to create around 2,000 jobs in the region.

Source: Milliyet