The research into the interaction of the cannabis plant and light is growing but is yet not abundant due to bans which still exist in most places around the world. One thing we do know for sure is that high quality light will result in a high quality plant, one with a good chemical expression.

Valoya, the manufacturer of LED grow lights, known for their research based approach, has been testing and developing a variety of plant spectra over the past ten years. In the last three years, Valoya has conducted research on light interaction on cannabis, independently as well as in collaboration with research institutes and customers. The result is a new line of LED grow lights, designed to help growers achieve high quality cannabis plants, consistently, cycle after cycle. Valoya has placed emphasis on finding the right wavelengths for particular growth phases to achieve optimal growth. After having tested more than 60 LED spectra, Valoya has commercialized 5, earning it customers in 51 countries so far including 8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies. Valoya Canna+ is Valoya’s latest innovation which is a line of luminaires with a spectrum optimized for professional cannabis cultivation.

The spectrum is a wide (also known as full, broad or continuous) spectrum extending outside the commonly used PAR area. The range encompasses radiation between 380 and 780 nanometers which means the entire PAR area plus the far-red and the UV-A wavelengths. The benefit of these additional wavelengths is that the spectrum that is wider and fuller, contains more information and thus stimulates the plants more than a simpler spectrum would. The far red radiation is important for quick development of healthy plant biomass that can then later support large flower formations where most of the valuable secondary metabolites are. The UV-A creates a small amount of stress for the plant. The plant responds by strengthening its defense mechanisms i.e. creating more secondary metabolites. In addition to that, small pathogens cannot withstand the UV-A radiation thus the growing environment becomes less prone to outbreaks of powdery mildew and other such problems.

Valoya Canna+TM comes in two form factors:

  • A 135 W bar LED grow light for indoor (single or multitier) cultivation and
  • A 392 W box LED grow light for greenhouse (sea of green) cultivation

Valoya Canna+ 120 is a 4’ (120 cm) long, high intensity bar that reaches 2,4 µmol/W (PPF 320 µmol/m2/s). It is sealed shut, has no deep fins or fans that collect pathogens so it can be easily cleaned even with harsh chemicals. This makes it suitable even for the most demanding, GACP/GMP compliant grows. On both of its ends are pressure and temperature stabilizing vents thanks to which the luminaire will work even longer than the industry standard 50000 hours.

Valoya Canna+ 400 is a 13.7” x 15” (35 cm X 38 cm) high intensity light that reaches 2,3 µmol/m (PPF 880 µmol/m2/s). It is compact and robust thus suitable for greenhouse and sea of green cultivation. With excellent thermal dissipation properties this luminaire will last at least 50000 hours.

Both are dimmable and project light at a 120° angle making it possible to install them close to the canopy (Valoya Canna+ 120 only 4” / 10 cm and Valoya Canna+ 400 only 25” / 50 cm from the canopy). Instead of a silicone coating which expands and contracts in heat and deteriorates quickly, these luminaires’ LED chips are protected by tempered glass. AR (anti-reflection) coated glass is used which increases light transmission efficiency to about 98%.

As this emerging industry is rapidly growing, a need arises for high quality lighting solutions with which growers will be able to create consistent yields and cannabinoid expressions year after year. This is particularly so for the pharmaceutical grade cannabis and all large scale cannabis cultivation operations. Valoya provides a solution to this challenge with its new line of products. Valoya has published a spectrum quality guide which outlines the small permitted variations within the spectrum across production batches and generations of products. For growers this means that when they acquire Valoya luminaires for cannabis they can rest assure that all their future purchases, or replacements of products will be with the same spectrum, thus resulting in consistent yields.

The Valoya Canna+ is available immediately, globally. It will be introduced at the upcoming Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in November (14-16). Valoya will be exhibiting at booth 3468.

For the North American customers, Valoya Canna+ line is available through Innovative Growers Equipment, Valoya’s distributor ( & (815) 991 – 5010)

For more information:
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