The new strawberry campaign has started this week with the planting stage, carried out in the fields of Grufesa's partners and producers. This Moguer-based company is devoted to the production and marketing of berries. The replanting in Huelva has been done just a few hours after the plants were picked, selected and prepared in their nurseries in Cabezas de Alambre (Ávila).

Under the supervision of Grufesa's technicians, a rigorous selection process has been carried out in those nurseries. Hundreds of workers have been in charge of collecting and preparing the best plants for their quick shipment to Moguer in cold storage. Just a few hours later, around 400 hectares of land that has been previously conditioned are planted. Those plantations are equipped with innovative irrigation monitoring systems, based on the needs of the plant. That way, a more responsible and environmentally friendly use of water is guaranteed.

Once the planting stage is complete, and after creating the right conditions for the plants' optimal growth, it will only take a few days for the plant to flower if the weather conditions are favorable. Soon after, the earliest strawberries of the season will start growing.

"Over the last few weeks, the plants have been cultivated and cared for in our Ávila-based nurseries, while at the same time, our partners were preparing their fields in Moguer. Now the seedlings, carefully selected by our technicians, are being planted and we will look after them and try having the first fruits in just a few weeks. We produce a unique strawberry that helps us stand out as specialists in the sector. Our methods, which are part of our 'People make Grufesa' model, are marked by innovation, sustainability and a commitment to the environment," stresses the manager of Grufesa, Carlos Cumbreras.


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