From Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, HSI has big plans for the international greenhouse horticulture sector. Recently the company decided, if possible, to enter the Kenyan market even more actively. They are no strangers there, but are now going for the next step. Nico van der Spek and Richard Heemskerk love action. They turned their words into actions. From January this year they will be keeping a stock of various horticultural supplies at Morgan Cargo in Nairobi.

Mario Taal, Jetty van Kas and Richard Heemskerk

How does it work?
Thanks to the stock on location, all Kenyan growers can collect products at Nairobi airport. The HSI products are stored at the Morgan Cargo site. Growers will contact Jetty van Kas or Mario Taal. They will take care of the paperwork and the handling, while Morgan Cargo ensures that the order is ready to be collected. This way long waiting periods for products are a thing of the past.

It seems like a good move. The first shipment from Aalsmeer involved a stock for 3 months. At least that was the expectation. After three weeks the stock already had to be supplemented. So it is not very surprising that the plans are rolled out further. The company registration has been applied for in Kenya and will soon be a fact.

HSI (Richard Heemskerk and Mario Taal) of course attended the Naivasha Horticultural Fair

Richard: "We are going to expand our assortment over there. We notice that we are meeting a need. It does not stop with chelates and trace elements. We're already supplying various growers in Kenya with paper, and have recently sold our first PlantPaper machine. We are extremely ambitious. We have good partnership arrangements. Together with Jochum Genuit from Mienis Water, for example, we offer ultra-filtration systems in Kenya. We're going to do it. My approach is "when you do not know how to share, you also can not grow," Richard concludes.

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