The Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund, MBRIF, operated by the Emirates Development Bank, announced a disbursement of AED5.5 million [1.5 million USD] to UAE headquartered Pure Harvest.

The fund will be utilised on construction and pre-production of Pure Harvest’s foundational, high-tech greenhouse in Nahel, UAE.

Founded in October 2016, the Abu Dhabi based agricultural start-up is focused on the production of greenhouse fruits and vegetables in arid climates using world-leading Dutch hydroponics and climate management technologies.

"We are pleased to support Pure Harvest. Producing fresh quality food using breakthrough technology, the business today is playing a critical role in advancing the UAE’s food security ambitions. As the MBRIF portfolio continues to grow, we proactively look to engage with entrepreneurs who are pushing the limits of innovation to bring unique solutions to today’s problems. We look forward to working closely with the team at Pure Harvest to help accelerate their growth here in the UAE and around the region, addressing food security issues," said Haytham Kamhiyah, CEO of Emirates Development Bank.

"Pure Harvest was launched with an ambition to offer true and tangible food security, helping the country’s mission toward self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability. We invest in world-leading controlled-environment agriculture technologies to deliver consumers the absolute best quality produce. As a UAE-based business, we are honoured to be supported by MBRIF and this strategic disbursement is instrumental in building our foundational high-tech greenhouse project, which will ultimately unlock future growth opportunities for us," said Sky Kurtz, Cofounder and CEO of Pure Harvest.

Source: Emirates News Agency