In the week of September 10, Hedich Teunissen and Amanda van Dijk from Naktuinbouw participated in the meeting of UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) about molecular techniques. The meeting took place in Montevideo, Uruguay. "It was very useful to sit at this table as a representative of Naktuinbouw, surrounded by DNA and DUS knowledge."

The revision of two important documents was on the agenda: the TGP/15 and INF/17. Furthermore, a lot of information about current projects in other countries could be found, and cooperation was placed high on the agenda.

TGP/15 explains how DNA techniques can be used in DUS research. The meeting concluded that the use of markers for resistance in tomatoes (such as I2 and Tm2/22) aligns with the intent of TGP/15, such as the Netherlands proposed. These markers only solve a part of the puzzle, because a single marker test with these markers does not yield a result for every property of the disease. That is why the TGP/15 has to be complemented with a more difficult example than the present one.

The Dutch proposition is understood
That is to (for crops that normally require a two year DUS-research) determine the parameters for the field test based on genetic similarity. This has to be also described in TGP/15. To make the text short and clear, another action will follow.

INF/17 was rewritten by Hedwich, in conjunction with bioGEVES and CPVO. The newest techniques are mentioned now. The new set-up is being appreciated, next year the text for the details will be on the agenda again.

DNA-projects cost a lot of money
On the other side there is a saving or a quality improvement in the long term. "We talked in changing groups with other countries, and figured out who was dealing in which crops, to prevent double work and save costs. Particularly the larger vegetables have opportunities. Everybody sees that particularly the aspects of confidentiality and property are of importance. This will be high on the agenda next year. Hopefully companies will once again tell us what they are afraid of."

Source: Naktuinbouw