Horticulture is developing rapidly, and at Berg Hortimotive the greenhouse is always the starting point for new and updated products. Every two years the company invites its business partners for a brainstorming session. The main question is always: What do you need? Where can we help?

The attendees were divided into smaller groups, which makes it easier to start the conversation. Each group followed four workshops, and this year the themes were data driven cultivation, in control of your internal logistics, implications of the machine directive for your work and achieving good results with modern spray technology.

Andreas Hofland, HortiKey, spoke about the Plantalyzer. The Plantalyzer is a good example of how algorithms can help growers improve their crops and harvest.

André Valstar, product manager Berg Hortimotive

Jeroen Gerritse started the conversation about the machine guidelines

Marc van den Berg led the discussion on internal logistics that afternoon

Maurice Wubben was the last speaker of the afternoon. He discussed developments and trends in the chain. The number of closed chains is growing and there is investment in each other. They are each other's knowledge partner.

Trade fairs
Of course, online is hot, but fresh is still lagging behind. According to Maurice, there are still opportunities online for familiar fresh brands. This is in line with the increasing demand for food services. He called on the audience to go to restaurant business trade show Horecava, which is inspiring. There, too, you see that fruit and vegetables are 'hip & happening'. It's a solution for many ailments. To quote Maurice, "Fruit and vegetables have a pivotal role in a healthier society. Nevertheless, people still aren't consuming enough of them. Here is another opportunity for the chain."

In addition to the Horecava, PMA also came up in the discussion with Maurice. "This exhibition in the United States shows how important social media and big data are, by linking information from the market to the garden, you can predict a lot, which are important marketing tools."

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