In Novosibirsk, scientists are getting ready to collect some exotic crops: the seeds of black tomatoes.

Black tomatoes reportedly contain higher amounts of useful substances than regular ones. They boast their unusual color due to the high amount of carotenoids. Carotenoids make blood vessels more elastic, while lycopene fights unwanted cells.

The main assistant in the experiment is a machine called the “tomato extractor”. There are only a few of those in Russia. The machine is loaded with exotic species, originating from Central America.

The seeds are experimental ones. This year they were adapted to Siberian conditions for the first time. It is planned to breed a special recognized variety, hybridizing a foreign disease-resistant variety with a Siberian one. The experiment should be completed within 5-6 years and begins today with the seeds.

The scientists get half a kilo seeds from 2.5 buckets of tomatoes. They are separated from the pulp, washed, dried and left until the new season. In 2019 the scientists will proceed to work with white cucumbers and green tomatoes with kiwi flavor.