Born out of necessity for blueberry growers requesting a better container for their substrate crop, the company Plantlogic was born. "With constant grower feedback and technical knowledge, our containers are designed especially for any type of substrate plant production in greenhouses, hoop houses or outdoors", they explain. 

 "Knowing the importance of healthy roots, the pots are designed with a pyramid shape that breaks water surface tension minimizing wet zone at the bottom, that promotes excellent drainage. The pots also feature long legs to avoid contact with the ground and possible pathogen contamination and high air flow underneath for root self-pruning. That makes our pots unique", the Plantlogic team explains.

Because they know healthy roots make happy plants, they are pursuing innovation with solutions to the everyday problems in the growing environment. "Whether it’s drainage improvement, drainage collection, weed control, humidity control, isolation, root temperature, or other potential challenges." 

When growing hydroponically or soilless, growers can control many variables that they can’t when growing in soil. This can allow them to manipulate the plant to produce whenever they need. "On top of this, growing in our containers allows for better control and consistency of the crop, enabling the grower to get higher quality and larger yields."

"Agriculture can be very unpredictable but by growing the crops in substrate pots, those issues can be minimized", they conclude. "Choosing the right container, substrate media and plant genetics are critical components to a successful substrate growing program. "

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Michael Schmidt