Monsanto grants Mitchell High School money to construct a new greenhouse near the football field.

Through the America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, Ms. Clark, the students and Ms. Splichal sent out an application for a grant and will receive a $10,000 donation.

The project started land school year in which a class was working on a genetics assignment in which a conversation began regarding the famous pea plant study by Gregor Mendel.

A few weeks went by before the students eventually took a deeper look and thought it would be feasible for the school and as they say the rest is history.

It will be a 10 x 24 foot greenhouse with a powered ventilation system and polycarbonate shatter-resistant twin wall panels to withstand 70 mph winds and snow loads of 23 lbs per square foot. The spot for the greenhouse was ultimately decided to go next to the track outside by the football field.

The school was chosen by a Farmer Advisory Council that consists of approximately 30 farmer leaders from across the country.

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