The Shanghai Chenshan Gardens announced on September 26th that they will host a flower and fruit exposition from September 28th until October 21st with the theme "Chenshan Autumn Beauty". It is different from a specialized flower exposition as the corner pieces are made up of pumpkins, fruit, and peppers. The center piece is one 140 kg large pumpkin with a diameter of nearly 1 meter. It is displayed in Hall 1.

The large pumpkin could cover one four-person table

Fruit and vegetables traditionally do not have the same bright color variety as flowers, but thanks to the effort of researchers, fruit and vegetables have begun to develop a wider variety of bright colors. Add to this the fact that fruit and vegetables come in more "shapes" than flowers, and their value for expositions becomes obvious.

Gourd promenade

There are nine themed areas in the Chenshan Gardens that each provide visitors with a wonderful view.

Source: Shanghai Observer