The fennel harvesting started two days ago. The production area is located in Emilia Romagna. The Cagliari & Babbi company – specialised in fennel (Finò brand) – have 36 hectares, between direct production and farmers.

Vittorio Cagliari explains, “The production is of high quality. Also, the quantity met the expectations. The lowering of the temperatures has been useful to increase the quality and to push the consumption.

The harvesting will last until the first week of November. Then, we will move on to another area, in Puglia. The Cagliari & Babbi company is extremely specialised in fennels, offering them throughout the year".

Vittorio Cagliari

Marco Babbi explains, “Our sales channels are both GDOs and traditional markets. Also, we sell a lot abroad, especially during the winter months. The uniformity and the consistent supplies are the key elements to be considered a reliable partner".

Until a few years ago, the fennel was not grown in this region. Cagliari & Babbi is a specialised company that developed a cultivation technique suitable for this area. Thanks to the experience gained by Cagliari in every part of Italy, the company has managed to optimize the production over time. Nowadays, even local farmers believe in this project and firmly follow the regulations in order to achieve uniformity and quality.

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