ET Grow is a simple, yet sophisticated ERP software solution designed for the Agri-Tech industry, supporting all parts of the business, not just one. Allowing users to access, view and update their daily operations on the go, ET Grow works with businesses from seed to sale. 

The company's development team are constantly working to improve the platform. Here are just a few of the latest features released on the platform in 2018:

  • MRP Functionality - Enter your suppliers, the products you buy from them, at the prices you negotiated. Quickly identify which suppliers are the most affordable to save money, or which supplier can ship the fastest to solve an issue quickly. Keep everyone in the loop on what products have been ordered, shipped and received.
  • Labelling - Labels can take a lot of time, and in some cases, a lot of money by the big box stores. Easily manage your labels and edit the way they look. Print on the go from any computer at any time. Meet your customers’ needs and stay organized. ET Grow makes labeling easy.
  • Space Utilization - List and graph views make it easy to quickly see where you have open space to plant additional product and avoid wasted space. Quickly see where you are at capacity, so you do not over commit and end up wasting product.
  • CRM Functionality - Enter your customers and details about their account, the products that you sell to them at the prices you negotiated. Quickly identify which customers pay the most to maximize your margins, or which customers buy the most to quickly solve an inventory issue. Keep everyone in the loop on what customers are buying and what products they are ordering. Track additional information such as special dates, agreements or any account details, so that any one of your team members can jump in where necessary.
  • Full Traceability - Enter your crops immediately once received, and track what happens to them. ET Grow allows you to split, merge and change stages of your crops, tracking each action so you can trace back to where your crops originated.

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