The wholesale price of coriander in the Xinfadi Market is currently 2-4 yuan [0.29-0.58 USD] per 0.5 kg. The price dropped by 76% in comparison with last week. The temperature in Beijing and neighboring production areas has been suitable for the growth of vegetables, which means that production volumes increased and prices decreased. The time when people could not "afford to eat" coriander is over.

The price of coriander dropped so quickly that wholesale traders were caught unprepared. While trucks full of coriander hastily made their way to Beijing, the price suddenly dropped below the purchase price in production areas. The high temperatures and frequent heavy rainfall limited coriander production in the summer season. Coriander plants suffered from yellow leaves and root rot, and the price reached record heights.


A month ago, coriander production areas near Beijing had limited production and, with limited supplies, the price went up. Traders then went to the Lintong District of Xi'an City in Shaanxi and purchased coriander there. The price in Beijing subsequently fell below average prices in most larger cities. Visiting traders from Shandong and Shanghai then also went to Shaanxi, where prices in production areas increased to exceed the coriander price in the Beijing Xinfadi Market. Traders from Beijing then went to other coriander production areas in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, and Yunnan. The price dropped even further as a result.

Source: China Search Baijiahao