CHAP (Crop Health and Protection) has invested in two new ventures based at Stockbridge Technology Centre, a leading applied R&D facility based in the heart of North Yorkshire.

Nigel Adams MP is the guest of honour at the official opening.

CHAP’s new ‘Vertical Farming Development Centre’ will enable growers, food producers and researchers to determine how the latest technologies, including sensors to monitor crops and robots to manage operations such as harvesting, will impact the economics vertical farming.

The aim is to develop technologies which will reduce production costs whilst maximising profits, potentially on a large scale.

CHAP’s Advanced Glasshouse Facility offers a flexible design and multiple ‘bolt-ons’ and allows new approaches to crop production and crop protection strategies to be tested and demonstrated to farmers.

The modern glasshouse recognises that the future of crop production is likely to be less reliant on synthetic inputs of chemicals and more reliant on combining different techniques, such as plant breeding and use of natural products and beneficial insects, to produce healthy and sustainable food.

CHAP is one of the Government’s four agri-tech centres. Their aim is to increase crop productivity for future generations through the uptake of new technologies.

They bring together leading scientists, farmers, advisors, innovators and businesses to understand industry challenges; driving research and innovation; develop and trial solutions that transform crop systems.

They work with pioneers to translate and promote these solutions for market adoption and improved crop productivity.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Emma Duffin:

Places are limited so an early response is advisable

Source: AHDB Horticulture