Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc. (“Del Monte”) has announced that it has signed an agreement with Rene Produce (“Rene”) to form a Joint Venture that will sell and market tomatoes and other products grown in Mexico to customers in the USA and Canada.

“We are very excited to join forces with Rene, one of Mexico’s outstanding fresh produce operators,” said Dennis Christou, Vice President of Marketing at Del Monte. “The Joint Venture with Rene will allow us to sell and market Round, Roma, Specialty, as well as Organic tomatoes on a year-round basis in the USA and Canada. We are also looking forward to working with Rene in the development of diversified vegetables including some of our proprietary varieties. Rene’s expansive farming operations have been augmented in 2015 with the addition of greenhouses in the state of Jalisco. Combined with our iconic Del Monte® brand, unparalleled distribution foot print and customer portfolio, this Join Venture further demonstrates our continuous commitment to the category."

"Another area where Del Monte and Rene complement each other, is our strong commitment to sustainability. Rene has an excellent reputation for its strong support they provide to their employees and their families. Like Del Monte, Rene has been supporting their employees and their families with housing programs, child education services, breakfast programs for children and community healthcare clinics,” concluded Christou.

“As growers, our aim has always been to live by our philosophy of reliability, always,” said Rene Carillo, CEO of Rene Produce. “We feel very strong about our growing operations, and now with the joint venture with Del Monte, utilizing their superb Sales/Marketing team, we feel we can be one step closer to customers in their marketplace.”

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