Macfrut President Renzo Piraccini, who visited Peru to present Macfrut 2019 and Asparagus Days, referred that fresh fruit and vegetables are mainly sold in street markets. Modern distribution is only now starting to become more important, but the percentage is still much lower.

Local market in Perù (photo by Renzo Piraccini)

"The quality level is good and prices are not really low. Most of the fruit is sold at 2-3 soles/kg (€1=3.5 sol), but the minimum wage in Peru is just above $200 a month. Evidently part of the population has a higher income available."

Quality is average

The poorer part of the population probably buys produce elsewhere and purchases products of a lower quality. Piraccini also visited a store part of the Chilean Tottus chain, one of the country's main distributors.

Supermarket part of a Chilean chain 

"Quality is medium-high and customers are middle class. There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available and most of them are produced domestically. The geographically conformation of Peru means it has three different areas - coast, sierra and forest - so it produces most of the products. The only imported products were apples and pears from Chile."

Apples from Chile

Prices are not much lower than in Europe