KeyVisions is a series of interviews in which individuals from horticulture in Mexico have their say. The motivation of the interviewees and the importance of their activities are central. In this Spanish-language video, agricultural council Jean Rummenie is speaking.

In Mexican culture, relationships between people arise mainly on the basis of trust. KeyVisions brings people together and aims to break the ice between people in order to create relationships that lead to cooperation and commercial, institutional and cultural exchanges. An attempt is made to make a connection, a click, that can result in a future relationship. The videos will, among other things, lead to a decrease of the cultural barriers between Mexico and the Netherlands, and the introduction of people and institutions to a broader audience within the target group.

In the video above the Agriculture Council for Mexico and Cuba, Jean Rummenie, is speaking. Topics that are covered include: agriculture, facilitating cooperation, the Dutch agricultural sector, cultural differences and similarities, commercial opportunities and the potential of Mexico.

source: Agroberichten Buitenland