Carrots can take the cold, but tomatoes like it hot. The question is: how do you provide for both in the course of one year?

With the right greenhouse and the right knowledge, you can make your grow space the perfect place to bring up just about any kind of crop - and even improve the output of the ones you’ve grown for years.

When it comes to bringing up your best crops in your greenhouse, few factors make more of a difference toward your overall yield than proper environmental control. But keeping your greenhouse at the perfect conditions for your plants can be tricky - especially if you’re not sure what to control for.

The four factors of greenhouse environmental control
As any scientist will tell you, a growing environment is more than just the temperature of the air outside. It’s a full combination of many factors that influence plant growth - the main four being heat, humidity, light levels, and ventilation.

By knowing each of these factors and taking control of each individually, you stand a better chance of providing exactly the right combination - or “environment” - for your plants to succeed better than ever before.

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