A new AHDB review focuses on flavour and potential routes to improve flavour quality pre-harvest in chives. Additionally it documents how off-flavours can occur if plants are mismanaged post-harvest.

Key points

  • The ACSO-allinase system is thought to be an insect defence system. When under stress, and particularly stresses which limit the production of the typical ACSOs of allicin and isoallicin
  • Sulphur in alliums is used in forming S-alkyl-cysteine sulphoxides; where in other plant families, up to 90 per cent of sulphur is usually used in the formation of the amino acids cysteine and methionine
  • Mycorrhizae may aid growth in general, especially in substandard soils. However, there has been no reported effect on flavour, with studies showing no difference when treated with mycorrhizae

Download the review here.