The first Tommies cherry tomatoes with the PlanetProof label can be bought at Jumbo supermarkets. The label guarantees that the cherry tomatoes have been cultivated in a sustainable way. This happens at Greenco year-round in Dutch greenhouses. By doing this the company wants to contribute to Jumbo’s goal of only selling PlanetProof certified fruits and vegetables from Dutch soil starting 2020. 

With the PlanetProof logo, Jumbo, Greenco and chain partner The Greenery give customers the opportunity to choose sustainable vegetables from Dutch soil. From the IRi, Info scan Supermarkets 2018 it was noticed that cherry tomatoes with 31% market share have the lead in the top-5 of tomato segments.

“By achieving the PlanetProof label we want to convince other fruit and vegetable growers to get certified as well. Together we can help Jumbo and other retailers to achieve their sustainability goals”, said Greenco CEO Robert Ketelarij.

Steven Martina, CEO of The Greenery cheers on the initiative. “We stimulate our growers to work as sustainably as possible when it comes to energy, water, waste, crop protection, and labor conditions.”

According to Ton van den Hoek, Unit manager Jumbo Supermarkets it is an important step. “With this, we are one step closer to realizing our goal of having all the fruits and vegetables on our shelves PlanetProof certified by 2020.”

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