From 17 to 19 September at Melia Castilla - Madrid – Agricultural Film 2018 is being held, the eleventh edition of the conference that brings together the leading experts in the field of plastic films for agriculture, from over 40 countries worldwide.

The AMI conference 2018 is the sector’s annual event where new trends in the global agricultural film market and the innovative techniques and materials to increase production efficiency and sustainability of agricultural activities are presented.

Precisely on sustainability issues, NOVAMONT will be present with Sara Guerrini - Public Affairs Agriculture - that on September 18th during the Mulch Film & Plasticulture session will talk about the advantages of mulching film of renewable origin and biodegradable in soil, and their role in achieving the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The biodegradable mulch film made of MATER-BI, offers an agronomically and environmentally efficient alternative, because at the end of the crop cycle it’s not be removed or disposed of, but is ploughed under the soil where biodegrades, reducing the production of plastic waste whose mechanical recycling can be technically or economically non-viable.

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