Bejo is introducing a seed coating made entirely of sustainable materials. Seed coating ensures a better protection in the first stage of life. And there are more advantages: the smoother surface of the seed improves the sowability and the added colour makes the seeds more visible in the ground.

Bejo has been searching the market for a more sustainable coating and has found a recipe entirely composed of natural materials. That means the coating will decompose completely in the ground. In addition, the new coating has a much shorter drying time: for conventional seeds, this will be reduced from 15 to 5 minutes. The decrease in drying time means lower energy consumption and therefore a reduction in environmental impact.

The breeder also expects that the shorter drying time will decrease the negative influence of drying on seed vitality. The coating’s higher moisture permeability contributes to this expectation.

The implementation will take place in phases. The new coating is already being used for beetroot. After some intensive testing they expect to be able to implement it for other crops as well, starting with carrot, onion and spinach.

The coating liquid is fully accepted by SKAL and meets all requirements for organic coating. The preparations to use the new coating on Bejo's organic assortment have started as well. They expect implementation in 2019. In time, their organic seeds will have their own distinguishing colour as well.

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