The 4th edition of the fully booked Summer School Greenhouse Horticulture was organized from 27 August till 7 September 2018. The participants followed lectures, seminars, joined practical case work and visited several companies. The expertise of Wageningen University & Research as ‘the knowledge heart’ of the Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture was successfully shared with the 36 participants. This year 15 nationalities were represented, from 5 continents.

‘The knowledge heart’ explained
In two weeks, participants learned everything about protected horticulture and explored important topics such as crop, climate and root zone management in further detail. Lectures at the campus of Wageningen University & Research were combined with practical case work and company visits. As it was a two week course, the “social factor” was just as important, with evening sessions, dinners and a barbecue at Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse centre in Bleiswijk.

Participant and Course leader experiences
Participants valued the high level of knowledge and experience of all the involved experts. The participants also mentioned the hospitality, the green Campus (and bikes) and open and friendly fellow participants.

"The attention to detail was mind blowing. The units taught examined the contribution to and the effects of variations of all components in Greenhouse Horticulture that affect production. Ideal for growers and service providers in the industry." - Adanna Piggott, MIC institute of Technology, Trinidad & Tobago

"It was an exciting experience because it has allowed me to meet people from over the world, people with the same concern about horticulture, to produce food for the people. This has made me realize the importance of our profession and how when we as engineers apply science we can improve our environment." - Alberto Saez Fernandez, SCA, Granada La Palma

"The Summer school was very interesting! All the details, from plant physiologically to building a greenhouse were in it. The excursions to the companies in the Westland showed how theory is implemented in everyday practice, so it became clear for everyone. We had a very international group of diverse people who learn a lot from each other and were very close to each other after two weeks." - Harm de Visser, MegaGroup Trade Holding BV, the Netherlands

Course leader Cecilia Stanghellini says the following: "The variety of expertise among the participants ensured lively discussions, very stimulating for the experts as well. The social atmosphere was also very dynamic and gratifying."
Source: Wageningen University & Research