The new Packaging Act was already passed more than a year ago and will replace the Packaging Ordinance starting on 01.01.2019. The Packaging Act brings with it a number of changes, one of which is to increase the incentives for particularly sustainable packaging solutions and, on the other hand, to increase transparency in the packaging cycle. For this purpose, a central office, the Foundation Central Packaging Register Office (ZSVR), was founded, which is to centrally supervise the processing via the dual systems.

As before, manufacturers of packaging that typically end up with private consumers (packaging requiring packaging) are required to participate in at least one dual system with their products. This ensures that packaging is collected and recycled. Re-packaging products also will be subject to participation in the dual system in the future if they ultimately end up with the consumer. For packaging that is not typically for the consumer but for transport, separate returns arrangements still apply.

On the other hand, the obligation from 01.01.2019 onwards is that manufacturers of packaging subject to the new system must register their packaging at ZSVR, otherwise the packaging may no longer be used in Germany after 01.01.2019. The ZSVR has already started operations and registration has been possible since the end of August 2018, via the ZSVR website.

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