Roots has been granted a divisional patent for its Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) technology in India. India presents a large market opportunity for Roots’ IBC technology with the country currently suffering from the worst water crisis in its history.

Roots’ IBC system was specifically designed to enable small and medium scale farmers to grow entire food crops using irrigation sourced only from humidity in the air, even in remote semi-arid areas. Roots’ solar operated and electric driven IBC systems have successfully completed proofs of concept for crops as diverse as wheat, beans, tomatoes, spinach and lettuce from seedlings at the company’s research facility in Israel.

Boaz Wachtel, inventor of the technology and a Roots director said, “The granting of a major patent in India is an important step as we move towards commercialisation of our Irrigation by Condensation technology. Our standalone system offers a solution for Indian farmers, where erratic rainfall and water scarcity has affected food production. More than 75 per cent of India’s fresh water is currently used for agriculture at a time when around 600 million people are facing a severe water shortage.”

“Our Irrigation by Condensation technology could help create or dramatically increase crop production for animal and human consumption in areas that often experience water scarcity. It could provide food security and income to many farmers, not just in India but globally, and help prevent hunger, poverty and migration due to lack of irrigation water and access to food.”

To capitalise on the patent and address the urgent need in India, Roots developing a range of additional solar-operated and electric versions of its IBC systems tailored specifically for small holder units of up to a quarter acre as well as mid-size systems for larger plots.

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