The annual open day at Rijk Zwaan in the Netherlands was held again recently, and many more people than expected showed up to take a look at their tomatoes. Growers and representatives from the entire chain were updated with the latest developments at the Trial Center Tomato of Rijk Zwaan in Kwintsheul. Everyone was welcome to exchange ideas with the crop consultants. They also discussed marketing, communication tactics and sales opportunities, while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Maarten van der Leeden, account and chain manager at Rijk Zwaan, was pleased with the attendance. "Tomato growers have had an atypical year with extreme heat and difficult pricing. It hasn't been easy, which regularly came up in discussions."

Three tomato varieties received extra attention from visitors.

Maarten van der Leeden

Trovanzo RZ
This is a big vine tomato. This market segment is large in the Netherlands and expanding further. Maarten: "The Trovanzo RZ is still cultivated on a small scale, and is doing well. The high yield is on the same levels as the standard variety, but the season hasn't ended yet. Our attention is focused on this variety right now. Trovanzo RZ starts earlier in the season than the standard variety, so we have faith in it."

Livento RZ
This is a tomato that's already being cultivated here and there, and an expansion of the acreage is expected. Livento RZ has good early and total production levels compared to Arvanto RZ. Livento RZ is a little bigger, very durable and has excellent flavor.

72-006 RZ
This is a cherry vine tomato that's still at the eve of its introduction. The first tests are this year. Maarten: "72-006 RZ excels in flavor, which is immediately noticeable. It has a deep red color. And while this tomato has yet to prove itself, the launch continues. 72-006 RZ looks promising, also internationally."


The visitors who attended the Trial Center Tomato also admired the bell peppers and in particular the pointed pepper Palermo. Palermo once started out in red, and now there already is a yellow variety. The breeding efforts now focus on orange and brown varieties. The sweet and fresh flavor makes Palermo suitable for many applications.

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