Whether ringed, bright yellow, deep red or bright white: The beet varieties of the 'Essbare Landschaften Holstein' product line are an eye-catcher on every plate and in the autumn they enchant gourmets with their earthy charm. There is a good reason the ancient, colorful beetroot varieties are so popular within gastronomy. But the Essbare Landschaften Holstein brand has many more products to choose from, including asparagus, colorful carrots and asparagus lettuce. They are all predominantly grown regionally and are non-hybrid, so they are characterized by their original, multi-faceted flavors.

Hamburg-based wholesaler Marker OHG has been marketing the ELH products for some years now, noting that forgotten produce is increasingly in demand, above all in the premium segment. ''These are old vegetables, which were displaced from general cultivation for economic reasons. They were replaced by hybrid breeds, which are finding a broader market with their uniform look and taste. Top gastronomers in particular are constantly looking for new and inspiring flavors. They find them in the more diverse, older varieties," said a spokeswoman.

Mature flavors
In contrast to modern varieties, the ELH products have not been bred to the max and, due to this fact, are not uniform in growth. Thus, the old varieties are much harder to grow. "This means, for example, that there is no need for heating and foil on the fields in the interests of sustainability. With the natural ripening time left to these products, flavors can develop much more extensively. The old varieties are harvested later, but this is excellent for the taste.''

Many varieties
Currently, the colorful beets -available in the four varieties Tondo di Chioggia, Burpee's Golden, Formanova and Blankoma- are selling particularly well. The season for these commodities already starts in the spring (April-May), as soon as the two historical Huchels Alpha and Schwetzinger Meisterschu├č asparagus varieties are on the market. ''These two varieties now have their place in the regional sales market. Later on tomatoes, potatoes and carrots from the region will be added, of which we market several varieties.''

Partnership and fairness
Acting sustainably on the basis of 'partnership and fairness' has been the motto of Marker Frische OHG since 1985. Until 1.5 years ago, the company had its headquarters on the local wholesale market before moving into a new company headquarters. From there, customers between Sylt and Hanover are supplied daily with fruit, vegetables and complementary articles to cater to hotels, restaurants, company dining halls, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, senior citizens homes and nursing homes.

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