Delphy and AgriProFocus start a tailor made training program for the Zambian Women Organization Nsabo Yetu to strengthen the horticultural sector in the North-Western Province of Zambia.

Nsabo Yeto wishes to address the most pressing matter which has now emerged: poor performance of the horticultural sector. Current horticultural practices are low yielding and unsustainable, the women work with local varieties of vegetables leading to low yield and unfavourable quality. Meanwhile, there is a demand of high quality vegetables from the mining community. However the women are not able to supply the need of the community starting with the lack of quality seedlings. The women have to travel 700 kilometres to access seedlings i.e. from Chisamba, Sunshine Seedlings.

Through this Tailor Made Training a large part of skills and knowledge, required for the basic production of vegetables, can be acquired. Through this TMT, Delphy and AgriProFocus wish to improve the most pressing matters, limiting the members of Nsabo Yetu in their horticultural activities.

Besides Barrick Lumwana Mines, as initiator of the Nsabo Yeto programme, and Nuffic, Dutch funding organisation of this TMT course, will make finances available to purchase a small scale community based nursery greenhouse for the production of seedlings. This greenhouse will be paramount since large parts of the training will be provided in this greenhouse.

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