Kansas health officials say tomatoes served at a church dinner tested positive for Salmonella Newport and are the likely the cause of dozens of reported illnesses.

At least 14 of the people who attended the Indian Taco Dinner at Highland United Methodist Presbyterian Church have confirmed Salmonella infections, according to the Department of Health and Environment. The department did not report how many people attended the dinner, but 69 out of 115 people who have responded to a survey reported gastrointestinal illnesses after the event.

“Testing of food that was served at the dinner has been completed and all tested negative for Salmonella except for a sample of tomatoes that tested positive for the same strain of Salmonella Newport,” according to the Kansas health department report on the August 7 taco dinner.

According to foodsafetynews.com, multiple people provided the tomatoes for the dinner, which is complicating the outbreak investigation.