On Friday 31 August, Flemish Minister Philippe Muyters attended a traineeship at an Antwerp tomato company in Merksplas. Muyters did the traineeship at the invitation of the Boerenbond (farmers’ union). 

With these traineeships, Boerenbond wants to bring farmers, growers and politicians closer together. During the Boerenbond summer traineeships, MPs and Ministers get the chance to take a look behind the scenes of Belgian companies and roll up their sleeves themselves. It is also an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the manager about various topics. What does a day at a horticulture company look like? What are the challenges? What are the obstacles for farmers and growers?

"Many politicians in the Flemish Parliament and in the Government are concerned with issues that have a direct impact on our companies," says Boerenbond chairperson Sonja De Becker, "and that is why we want to offer them the chance to experience how our agricultural and horticultural businesses function on a daily basis and what their challenges are."

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