On behalf of Duijvestijn Tomaten, 9Knots Solutions B.V. from Nieuwveen has developed a completely new Warehouse Management System (WMS). Remco Duijvestijn, Business Controller and one of the owners of Duijvestijn Tomaten: "We have started the talks in September 2016. The program is called Casemaster, and is unique of its kind. It has been designed with the thought to 'meet the continuous demand for flexibility'. Casemaster is completely adjusted for our own system. Most programs match only 80%, but this is 100% customized, and it fits like a glove."

What makes Casemaster so special is the software is customized and adjusted to the existing processes within the organisation and not the other way around, what is common now. It can be simply integrated with all existing software systems, such as accountancy programs, work space automation, and other sales portals. Casemaster can be used as a sales portal, but also for sales and harvest forecasts, quality approval, stock administration, buying portals, packaging and products, labor planning, CRM, etc. A complete package. The program is completely web-based, and can be used anywhere. Only a browser with internet access is required, so maximum flexibility.

Grow with the company
"The entire development process went though different phases and along the way we changed a couple of things." The result of this cooperation is a program in which the entire packaging process of LogiFour (The packaging company of Duijvestijn Tomaten) has been integrated."

Duijvestijn has a positive outlook on the future. "The program is so flexible that it can easily grow with our company, and can be simply expanded if desired to meet our needs." Duijvestijn also sees opportunities for fellow growers to make their company processes more efficient. "Existing systems are often just not what you need, and it is what a program cannot do that causes annoyance, loss of time, and higher costs. This can be prevented now with Casemaster."

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