A remarkable tweet on tomato grower Richard Schenkveld's page. Between the tweets about the greenhouse crops and the construction of Schenkeveld Schiphol suddenly appeared a tweet in which a free iPhone X was offered by the grower and his company. What's the story?


Rokien Schenkenveld: "The plan for a recruitment action was on the shelf for a while. Because we are growing very fast - every year a 11 hectare greenhouse is added to Schenkeveld Schiphol, we need a lot of new employees. Although we are still managing to attract new employees, we really need a lot of employees in the coming years. This action anticipates the building of the next locations."

Word of mouth advertising
Greenhouse North of Schenkeveld Schiphol is already in production, and next year Greenhouse East will be planted. Rokien: "For Greenhouse East almost all employees are hired and trained. The team in Greenhouse North is running smoothly. The employees we are now looking for are intended for the next greenhouse of 11 hectare which we expect to build in 2019. We have a long training period, so that when the new greenhouse is planted, we can immediately start with a team that is ready."

"We think it is important to hire personnel by word of mouth. We believe this method has a higher chance of success to find people acquainted with the company culture, which makes it easier to train. In this way we have a nice supply of students to help out during the holidays every year."

The action has been running for a week now. "The first applications are in, but before someone gets an iPhone X the new employee has to be hired before January 1 2019, and has to have worked for at least 3 months. An iPhone X is a beautiful device which you do not readily buy for yourself, so how cool is it to get one through this action. A good employee is worth a lot, at least an iPhone X."

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