Thursday December 14, Mayor Mikkers of ’s-Hertogenbosch opened the expansion of the indoor farming facilities at PlantLab. Over the past six months, PlantLab expanded both its research facilities as well as its production capacity by 50% at its premises on the Veemarktkade in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

The expansion meets the developing needs of PlantLabs' new and existing partners for total solutions for indoor cultivation in complete closed and controlled environments. This lays the foundations for the roll-out of a new series of Plant Production Units (PPUs) at its partners that are entirely automated when it comes to sowing, growing, harvesting and packaging products. Newly developed technology and growth recipes enable highly improved productivity for produce with exceptional flavor, nutrition and shelf life. In turn, this leads to improved yield from indoor cultivation for PlantLabs' international partners in the fresh vegetable, food ingredient, cosmetics, plant breeding and young plants sectors.

PlantLab has already started the next phase of further expansion of its facilities in the coming year.

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