Delphy Mushrooms, Geurts Teelt BV and Widget Brain will develop a digital application to improve the cultivation of mushrooms in regard to quality and efficiency called: QMS Mushrooms (Quality Monitoring System Mushrooms).

With the application QMS Mushrooms the project executives hope to cultivate a better quality mushroom with less use of energy, water and labour. This application is based on the optimization of all climate factors related to the evaporation. This reduces the risk of quality problems, such as bacterial patches and “scales”, and will also improve the spread in the harvesting phase. This results in higher production of better quality. In addition, staff will be less stressed because peaks in production are avoided, preventing long working days.

The preliminary study Delphy had executed showed that energy consumption of electricity can be reduced as much as 5% by a lower consumption of technical installations such as fans and refrigerators. The gas consumption for heating the cultivation cells can be reduced to about 8%. Not unimportant in this is that the application takes into account changing qualities of raw materials such as compost, the so far unknown factor in the cultivation of mushrooms. The application has been developed as basic self-learning software (AI) by Widget Brain, which uses data as input.

Exporters expect the QMS Mushrooms application to be available to other growers by the end of 2018, but this will be tested extensively. The project has been made possible by contributions from the European Union and the province of North Brabant under POP3, in addition to the investments of the collaborating parties.

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