"Following up on the Growtech Eurasia 2017 exhibition it can be said that our All Aluminium Venlo greenhouse structure has generated considerable interest both amongst growers and industry specialist alike." This is explained by Jozsef Nagy, sales manager of Varnet Glasshouse Systems.

The company introduced its all-aluminium greenhouse last year and introduced the redesigned version at this year's exhibition. Varnet Glasshouse System is securing a domestic turnkey project to build the first All Aluminium greenhouse in Turkey - probably the first Venlo aluminium greenhouse in the world. 

Growtech Eurasia took place last week and the Varnet Aluminium Glasshouse gained a lot of attraction with their greenhouse. "Our visitors have noted the apparent strength, space utilization for production increase, and not in the least the elegant beauty of our construction display", Jozsef laughs. "There have been many questions regarding investment costs, the applications of technologies to drive production, and how this innovation compares to the traditional construction methods." 

In their answers, the company expressed that their main focus is the grower and that the approach is to work backwards from understanding client expectations formulated in their business plans. "We base our offering for technologies accordingly to meet them. With this view we found strong support from our partners/suppliers who develop their product lines in similar ways." 

"We had also been successful making our visitors from other fields of horticulture aware our company’s openness for collaboration in the interest of our clients. Varnet Glasshouse Systems is not only ready for strategic partnerships but also is acting to be transparent in its intention to forge relationships with other industry specialists to advance horticulture."

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