The Antalya region, in the southwest of Turkey, is the heart of Turkish agriculture. It's also the location of the Growtech Eurasia, Turkey’s largest agricultural fair that was for the 17th edition held last week.

From left to right: Rami Alsouqi, Bosman Van Zaal. The company was present both at the YugAgro in Russia and at the same time at the Growtech Eurasia. "One of the most important exhibitions of Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and the Kaukasus", Rami explains. Right above: Cilem Esiyok and Tom de Smet of Hyplast. Left: Siby Joseph and Wim Roosen, Dutch Plantin and right bottom: Nima Djelveh, Brice Richel and Mustafa Vernez with Richel and Jeremy Park of Helper Robotech

Surrounding countries
The international interest and traffic to the Growtech is of a consistent high level, confirming the role of the event as a business hub for agricultural and horticultural development in Turkey's surrounding countries: Over 650 exhibitors welcomed over 80,000 visitors from over 75 countries. 

Exhibitors confirmed to be mainly participating to meet existing and new clients from surrounding countries like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and the Middle East, but also the Balkans and Northern Africa. Also Iran is an important market being served via the Growtech exhibition. The only market not truly being focussed on seems to be the Turkish market itself. Not due to the relationships nor to the willingness of the people, but because the investment level in the Turkish horticulture is still low since the export situation to Russia is still unstable and though suppliers last year hoped for a better 2017, this year they seem to focus on different target markets.