The demand for plum cherry tomatoes has increased in European markets in recent years. "We are starting to work with this product and this week we have shipped some 20,000 kilos. We allocate 90% of our growers' production to export markets such as Germany, Poland, the UK, Denmark or the Czech Republic," explains Imane Ouali, of Agrupaejido.

The Almeria-based company offers cherry tomato varieties such as the Santawest, Dolcetini and Angelle. "Thanks to the different varieties and their different harvest times, we have a large supply from November to August. The rest of the year, the volume is smaller, but we still have some production."

The campaign kicked off with low prices, ranging between 1.10 and 1.20 Euro, due to the low demand and the large supply in other markets. However, "from November they started to rise, reaching 1.50 Euro per kilo," says Ouali. "So far, the highest and lowest prices have been closer to each other than last year, with a difference of up to 1 Euro in some markets and periods."

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