On Wednesday 29 November, the directors of the Economic Board Zuid-Holland (EBZ) will take the next step towards Europe in a more intensive collaboration. Under the EBZ flag, the region will jointly take part in the European Innovation Summit. Leading themes of the visit are: feeding & greening mega-cities, life sciences & health and smart industry.

On behalf of the businesses, knowledge institutions and authorities in South Holland, united in the Economic Board, the Europe-team will make an effort to position the region as a real-life testing ground for European challenges. It does this from the House of Dutch Provinces - a work and meeting place for regional specialists in Europe.

Major transition challenges for South Holland
“Just as all other European regions, South Holland faces major transition challenges. Making our industry, which relies heavily on fossil raw material and fuel, more sustainable and digitizing society are challenges we cannot face alone. That is why we unite our forces in Brussels on behalf of the entire region and why we also want to intensify the cross-border collaboration", says European delegate Jeannette Baljeu.

Regional strategy
Karel Luyben, Rector Magnífico of the Technical University Delft and vice-chairman of the EBZ: “In the Board, we set out the regional strategy. As EBZ, we are pleased that the Province of South Holland converts those choices into actions.” Luyben mentions examples such as the joint effort to obtain European funding for Fieldlabs and participation in the Vanguard Initiative, a network in which industrial regions are united.

South Holland's Triple Helix collaboration
“The cooperation of businesses, knowledge institutions and authorities in South Holland is a too-well-kept secret’, says board member Martin van Gogh, director of Hoogendoorn/Batenburg Techniek. “We should be showing Brussels more of how businesses cooperate with authorities and knowledge institutions in the strong region, that comes up with, produces and implements solutions for many social challenges. Other regions could profit from this, too. The Economic Board Zuid-Holland is a perfect signboard to that end.”