Hendic from Brabant, the Netherlands are busy supplying water tanks to foreign customers. Nicolle Peetoom of Hendic knows all about it. One truck after another is being loaded. The demand for Short Panel Water tanks is particularly high for overseas exports. Panels of 2.26 meters are used for these tanks. These are smaller and therefore more convenient to transport. They can easily be transported in the containers. The export of Hendic grows and prospers worldwide. The tanks are also taken along by Dutch installers to foreign projects.

Nicolle: "The senzimir galvanisation of 450 grams / m2 is valued by our customers. This galvanization is stronger against external influences. Growers do not have to be worried about corrosion that weakens the tanks. Sure, tanks are inspected, but nobody is looking forward to a quick replacement of the panels".

The future looks bright for Hendic. There are large projects in the pipeline. The intense collaboration with De Lange Plastics is paying off. Nicolle: "Our most sold lining is DelafleX, a very high quality foil. It is resistant to high mechanical loads and the well-known flapping damage. Moreover DelafleX is also suitable for both clean and dirty water. We give a 15-year warranty on DelafleX."
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